Nurse Training Program


Thanks to the support of the Serena Foundation, Imaging the World recently created a standardized Ultrasound Curriculum guide for training healthcare staff using ultrasound in diagnosing obstetric, gynecologic and abdominal conditions. The training specifically addresses the treatment of patients in rural settings.

Currently the Curriculum is under review by the Ugandan Ministry of Health and it is expected to be accepted as a standard for point-of-care ultrasound training of nurse midwives and clinical officers throughout Uganda.

Imaging the World’s ultrasound curriculum was piloted at the Uganda Nursing School Bwindi with a group of 13 students.  The program consisted of both theory classes and hands-on ultrasound practical training by expert teachers. The ultrasound courses were specifically designed to mesh with the educational content of the Uganda national nursing school curriculum.

The first students graduated in February 2018 with a 100 percent pass rate on all required exams: the RN qualifying exam, the Ugandan licensure exam, and the sonographer qualifying exam, which is based on the US American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography exam. 

Eleven of the 13 students are currently using ultrasound in their practices and the other two were hired to teach in the Uganda Nursing School.  Three of the nurses are working at Imaging the World facilities. The full ultrasound training program has been implemented using ITW’s curriculum, integrated into all three years of the nursing school. This training program will be essential to a self-sustaining imaging program that can grow in Uganda.

The Ultrasound Curriculum document that the Serena Foundation helped fund is part of the ITW Handbook that enables the ultrasound program to be replicated throughout the world.  The next step will be to create standardized financial reporting tools for health care cost and clinical outcomes.