Visit to Engeye Clinic

I arrived in Kampala late Thursday night, it was wonderful seeing Picho, Collins, and Allan again. On Friday Picho, Allan and I traveled west to Masaka to visit the Engeye clinic in Ddegeya. We were very impressed with the clinic infrastructure, including sustainable solar power and rain capture, and a networked EMR to track patient care. The clinic manager, John, was very excited for our visit and believes that ultrasound would really help with the care of members of their community. After visiting Engeye, we travelled to the Masaka hospital where we dropped in on the radiology department. We were given a tour by one of the four sonographers, who showed us their X-ray unit, fluoroscopy unit, and two ultrasound units. He informed us that one of the two ultrasound units has been broken for over a year and that the fluoroscopy equipment has been broken for over 3 months. Additionally, the hospital currently lacks any general surgeons, after one retired and one went into private practice. Even the large referral hospitals are in great need of resources--both equipment and people. Despite these issues, the hospital has 4 gynecologists who perform obstetric surgery, and a radiologist that oversees the 4 radiographers. Bayo, the radiographer we spoke with, was excited about the imaging the world project, and hopes we are able to get involved in the greater Masaka area.

Overall, the day was a successful start to my trip, and I look forward to the rest of the team arriving soon.

-- Ben

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