Uganda: Warm weather, warmer people

Landed in Kampala at 11:30 pm local time. I was greeted by the warm tropical air and was struck by the familiarity that I felt with the ambience, a throwback to my childhood days in India. Very soon, I was joined by another volunteer and we both were received and escorted to the hotel by an ITW-Africa staff member.

The next morning, I had the opportunity to meet with the ITW-Africa team, who had made all of the arrangements for the trip and were so very welcoming. Next up, the entire group consisting of the ITW team from, ITW-Africa team, Physician as well as student volunteers got together to plan the week. Dr Kristen DeStigter, President and Co-founder of Imaging the World gave us an overview of the week and we set off to our first village: Nawanyago in Kamuli district. My take so far on Uganda - warm weather, warmer people.

- Meera Gopalakrishnan Philips Healthcare

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