Uganda Trip - Day 1

Day 1 – Uganda Stakeholders Meeting Trip Monica and I arrived in Entebbe last night around 8 pm and after juggling luggage and visas etc. got into a van and drove with Frank and Picho (ITW employees) to Kampala. It’s quite smoky here, I think because most people cook with fire. Things were hopping in Kampala, discotheques were OPEN and it seemed you could find any kind of music. Our hotel The Grand Imperial Hotel, (one of the oldest in Kampala) had traditional Congolese music playing, but we didn’t stick around to listen. Instead, we went out for a late dinner that was fabulous Indian food and some tall Nile beers.

Plane rides were uneventful. The leg from Amsterdam to Uganda was uneventful. We had a 3 hour layover in the Amsterdam airport, and Monica was in an jetlag coma, so I was left to cruise the fancy airport and drink coffee by myself (checking every now and then to make sure Monica could still fog a mirror).

On the plane ride I read up on the history of Uganda and all I can say is that I’m glad I’m visiting Uganda now instead of just about any other time in history. If you want a taste of some of the worse times of Uganda, watch Mountains of the Moon, a movie about Speke and Sir Richard Burton on their quest for the source of the Nile.


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