Training at Nawanyago

We arrived at Nawanyago after a bumpy journey and were greeted by Sister Angela at Nawanyago Health Center III. After a warm reception, we received a tour of the clinic and spent time sharing stories about recent patient visits, including three recent ectopic pregnancies that were detected by ITW ultrasound. Each patient was immediately sent to Kamuli Mission Hospital for treatment. After our time catching up with Sister Angela, we began the breast ultrasound scan protocol training. After a short presentation going over the protocol and basic breast anatomy, four women with breast masses consented to breast ultrasounds for further evaluation. Sister Angela has already been trained in all the other ITW scan protocols and quickly demonstrated not only her proficiency in the breast ultrasound protocol, but also her depth of knowledge and deep compassion for her patients. The day was a success and tomorrow we will continue the training at Kamuli Mission Hospital!

--Ginger Merry

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