"This patient would have died if she was to give birth in Africa"

Imaging the World - What a fantastic idea! This week I had to do a cesarean hysterectomy on a patient with posterior placenta previa and accreta. While operating on her I was thinking that this patient would be dead if she was to give birth in Africa in the middle of nowhere. Your program would help patients like this one. An ultrasound done in pregnancy would diagnose the placenta previa and the patient would be transported to a hospital for the delivery. I can see so many advantages of having ultrasound in the rural areas. I cannot even think about how bad the situation may be in Africa. ~ Flavia Horth

(Flavia Horth, MD, FACOG, is an OBGYN who is moving to Mozambique to offer her service and expertise to improve maternal health care. She will be doing a site assessment for ITW for possible expansion to Mozambique)

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