The little things

It is amazing how much I take the little things (as well as the big things) in life for granted - like making it to work without a flat tire. The number of potholes in the road to Kamuli seems to have increased exponentially since the last time I was here. We used to be able to swerve to miss all but every seventh pothole - now it is just a continuously bumpy road the whole way. The first photo actually shows a good part of the road. The second photo shows ITW Africa team members, Collins and Picho, changing our first flat tire with a spare that we had along. The third photo shows the second blow out (of our only spare) - fortunately we were able to "borrow" a tire to make it back to Kampala. Since the third flat is guaranteed, assessing the tire situation is high priority for tomorrow morning!

Cheers, Kristen

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