This was a week of sharing. The week began with Sister Angela (one of the nurses at Nawanyago Health Center) inviting me into her home to live with her for several days; we shared daily activities (going to church, eating meals, sleeping next to the labor room, delivering babies, treating patients) and she shared her life stories, full of adventures and dreams. I saw the love and passion that she has for life, God, her patients, and those that come in and out of her life. I am thankful for the kindness shared by Sister Angela and everyone at Nawanyago who made me feel right at home.

I then traveled back to Kampala to prepare for two days of lectures at Mulago Hospital for the radiology residents and at Mengo Hospital (ECUREI) for ultrasound students. I lectured on breast cancer, breast imaging, ultrasound-guided breast interventions and pelvic ultrasound. I received such a warm welcome and appreciation! Everyone seemed especially excited about the hands-on practice of ultrasound-guided breast procedures using breast phantoms – it was a rare opportunity to practice skills on a model. I felt very lucky to be the one sharing these lectures with such a bright group of motivated students – the excitement for knowledge was palpable!

-- Ginger Merry

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