Reviewing and Revising ITW Surveys

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Date: August 15, 2013 Over the last couple of weeks I have been working on revising OB surveys that are given to mothers and husbands before and after they receive ultrasound care at ITW clinics. The surveys were created in order to give important information regarding the patients understanding and perception of the ultrasounds. This information is instrumental to the effectiveness of the care ITW gives. Before the trip, we decided that revising the surveys would help make them more clear and effective. I took the first stab at the revisions by rewording many of the questions and replacing open ended answers with "check all that apply" answers for consistency between surveys. After I completed these revisions I passed them off to Magdelana Naylor, MD who took another look. Once in Uganda, Magdelana and I worked together to finalize the questioner and then gave them to Sarah to publish them on our iPad app used to record the surveys. Renny, a member of the Ugandan Team who is in charge of data collection, uses this app to record the answers he receives. Then when there is internet access he is able to sync the results to the iCloud and an ITW team can get the results from this side of the ocean. On Tuesday we are planning to start giving the new surveys at the biweekly OB clinics. I am hoping to observe Renny during the clinic to see how he delivers and translates the surveys. I am very excited to see the results of the new questionnaires and how they compare to the old ones!

-Anna Franceschetti

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