ITW at Rad-Aid Conference

Clinical Panel2Seven volunteers for ITW gathered on November 2, 2009 in Baltimore to attend the Rad-Aid conference. This conference was the first of its kind, bringing together NGO’s, non-profits, educators and corporations to discuss the challenges and opportunities involved with imaging outreach. ITW founders Dr. Garra and Dr. DeStigter served on panels (for details see Participants included (among others) Goldman Sachs, Project HOPE, Rad-Aid, Duke University and Johns Hopkins.

Panels introduced and discussed topics as they relate to imaging, such as micro-finance, entrepreneurship, clinical imaging models, outcomes, and integrating US based medical education with telemedicine.

It was a privilege to be in the same room with so much diverse expertise from private enterprise, universities and other non-profits all collaborating and openly sharing information. Entities that would normally compete were swapping ideas and contact information.

Thanks to all of our friends at Rad-Aid for assembling such a fabulous event! We’ll see you again next year. -Andrea

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