Nurturing Communities

DPP_81772Recently, I had a chance to spend some time with Zoe Adams, a senior at Champlain Valley Union High School in Charlotte, Vermont. Zoe went to Uganda as a senior project for school last summer to spend two weeks working in Uganda with a non-profit child welfare program. While she was there she conducted home visits to make sure that the children involved in the program were living in a safe environment, delivered pen-pal letters from schools in Vermont and brought dress clothes to the children. While she was in Uganda, she met members of the ITW team. Zoe had always imagined that she would be a doctor, perhaps because she comes from a family of doctors. After spending time in Uganda and learning about Imaging the World, she realized that she could be involved in delivering health care to those who need it most, without becoming a doctor. For Zoe this experience was a life-changing event making her realize that she would like to explore alternate career possibilities in healthcare that are more suited to her passions and talents. She became involved with ITW’s training program, learning the protocols ITW will teach to rural community members in Uganda in 2010. Zoe will be returning to Kamuli this summer for a 2 week leadership program. While there she will see firsthand how the medical system works in a developing country by assisting nurses and doctors at the Kamuli Mission Hospital.

I believe that for the ITW project to be sustainable, we must make efforts to build and enrich communities both near and far. The ITW program spans many disciplines providing opportunities to foster community domestically and internationally and offer unique and worthwhile educational and research opportunities. The open and collaborative environment at ITW engages experts from all sectors. If would like to be involved with a research or educational project for an internship or school project, please contact me.


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