Nawanyago Health Center Advances to Phase 2

Sister Angela Njeri at Nawanyago Health Center has advanced to "Phase 2" of the ITW project: she can now perform basic ultrasound interpretations at the clinic with the remote back-up via teleradiology of experts at the district hospital in Kamuli where she refers patients, as well as from the ITW volunteer network. Sr. Angela was the first ITW nurse midwife trained in the ITW protocols at our pilot site. During phase 1, she learned to use ultrasound to generate scans on pregnant women, learned how to talk to patients and their husbands about ultrasound and appropriate antenatal care, and learned how to handle ultrasound results, getting patients to the appropriate next step. The teleimaging aspect of phase one where images were compressed and sent over a cell phone modem to the internet for interpretation, set the infrastructure for back-up and quality assurance of this model.

To prepare for phase 2, she received an ITW scholarship and underwent an 8 week course at ECUREI (Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute) in Kampala, Uganda's capital, where she was a stellar student. Phase 2 is important to the sustainability of the ITW model, building capacity at the lower level health facilities, improving low-cost access to care, and creating local ownership of quality health care practices.

This pregnant woman's scan is showing a breech (foot first) presentation and Sr. Angela is instructing her to return for a follow-up at the health center. Because breech presentations can result in delivery complications, having the ultrasound available for early detection can save the lives of mothers and babies.

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