My first visit to Uganda

DSC07352My First and Second Day at NawanyagoOn the 18th we had our first visit to a health center 3, Nawanyago clinic. Sister Angela is the Nurse/Midwife who runs the clinic and she is an amazing person. I was excited to finally experience their work first hand and it was truly amazing to say the least.

We arrived at Nawanyago and saw two women laboring outside on the front lawn. One of which had been to the clinic for ITW OB scans earlier in her pregnancy. When the women get closer to giving birth they move into a room where they will have their child (there are two beds in the single room). The contrast to how labor and delivery is in the United States was inspiring.

Our second trip to Nawanyago was on an OB clinic day. Many pregnant mothers came to be seen and scanned, and this is an all day affair. The women check in and line up with their ITW cards waiting for their turn. Words can't describe how good it feels to be part of an organization that has helped so many women and children and will continue to do so with the introduction of our breast mass protocol in the future.

-Lexi Barone

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