Mubende Local Leaders and Pregnant Women see First Ultrasound Exams

Date: March 18, 2014Anjuli Kasambya picToday we traveled to Kasambya to set up the newest ITW clinic, the first located in a government facility. We were greeted by the local officials from the village. Dr. Kristen, as they call her, explained ITW with translation by Kasambya's lead technologist and ITW trainee, Hakeem (as seen in picture). Many of the local leaders, or LCs, also spoke and inquired about future possible uses for ultrasound in their village and the surrounding community showing they understood the potential impact of ITW on their people.

ELI_9417I felt the power and impact of the meeting was nearly tangible when Sarah Musimenta Lukomera, LC1 counselor woman of Mubende district, expressed her appreciation of the opportunity ITW is providing. She spoke about how there is a high population of young pregnant women in the area and how important this is to them. The local leaders and pregnant women that were in the clinic were able to see the first few ultrasound exams performed at their clinic. It was clear observing everyone watching the ultrasound that they were all very excited and curious and that word will spread fast throughout the surrounding area. The day ended with a woman (who has 6 children including a pair of twins) finding out that she was having twins, again! and the presenting twin was breech! She will be able to be referred to the larger district hospital when it is time for her to deliver her children if one remains breech. In that situation, cesarean section may be required. This is exactly the type of finding ITW is looking to discover before it causes harm to the mother or baby.

Anjuli Cherukuri Radiology Resident, UVM/Fletcher Allen Health Care

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