Fee-for-service model to finance the presence of ultrasound at clinics

Kasambya is a small town within Mubende district. It is however, a milestone for the program because ITW was able to gain direct support from the Ministry of Health to allow, for the first time, a fee-for-service model to finance the presence of ultrasound at public clinic sites. The nominal fee of about $2 was found to be affordable and is critical to the sustainability of the program. At the Kasambya HCIII we met with Hakim who is the on-site program coordinator as well as primary sonographer at the clinic. Hakim tells us that over the past two months, they have scanned over 120 patients as part of the antenatal program at Kasambya. These are patients who presented with pain/ bleeding which prompted a clinic visit. As the community sensitization process ramps up, Hakim anticipates seeing a high volume of patients at the clinic. In order to build and strengthen the capacity needed to handle the patient volume, the ITW team has trained two additional midwives to perform ultrasound scans and provide basic interpretation. Today, the trainees will go through their final assessment. Here are some photos from the Kasambya clinic.

Patients waiting to be scanned at the Kasambya clinic

Midwives scanning using the ultrasound system

Labor Ward

-Meera Gopalakrishnan Philips Healthcare

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