Mary Streeter Presents at Vermont Society of Radiologic Technologists

Presentation at Vermont Society of Radiologic Technologists: March 2014 Mary Streeter, Director of Education and Training for Imaging the World, was invited to speak in Montpelier, Vermont about ITW and her recent trip to Uganda. IMG_4260This is the second time I have been asked to speak for the VSRT. I described a woman's journey through pregnancy in rural Uganda and the challenges she faces to have a health pregnancy that both she and her child survive with the limited health care resources in her community. I also shared the mission of ITW to build an infrastructure that is sustainable that can help provide opportunity for healthy pregnancy and delivery through the use of high quality ultrasound at the point of service, the rural village health clinics. I was able to share our most recent visit and explain how we implement our program in a rural community-an on the ground viewpoint. There seems to be much interest in the work Imaging the World is doing in Africa and the technologists in Vermont seem very engaged, asked some wonderful questions and enquired about volunteer opportunities.

-Mary Streeter