Learning about the Batwa Pygmy People

I found it incredibly interesting learning about the Batwa Pygmy people. I find their history and culture. Their houses, the way they hunt, their medicine, and the way they make fire was very enjoyable to watch. I thought it was funny as well as captivating how the people would act in the way they would, as well as the animals would when they were caught in a snare. It was fun to go watch their dance ceremonies inside their large hut. I'm amazed at how the older men and women could move so quickly and jump as high as they could.

I also liked how they incorporated us into the show by having us all shoot a wooden dog bow and arrow also made from wood. It made things more interesting!

I'm sure I'm going to remember this for a very long time. I love learning about the different cultures of the world, and that's one of the main reasons I came on this trip. I wanted to learn about the people and how they live, and this event has also given me an amazing history lesson.

- Thomas Robinson ITW Enrichment Student

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