Kristen's Trip to Uganda - Fall 2012 - Part 5

Friday, October 12 - Kristen

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANawanyago, our first site in Uganda, continues to thrive with the ITW project. Even during my two-day stop here there have been three mothers whose care has been modified by the results of obstetric ultrasound – one mother had a breech presentation that was successfully delivered at the health unit with the advanced warning, one woman had a complication of the placenta, and the woman in the photo (with Sr. Njeri Angela) has twins diagnosed by ultrasound. She had intended to deliver in the village but says she will now return to the health unit for delivery with skilled health care workers. In the photo she is sitting under a mosquito net – the nets were purchased for the maternity ward with money generated from the ultrasounds! The charge for an ultrasound scan here is 5,000 Uganda Shillings, or about $2.00 USD, which is very affordable. The next purchase will be a blood pressure monitoring machine.

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