July Uganda Update

Images from over 70 patients have been successfully transmitted from Uganda to McKesson’s pacs server in Vancouver on a regular and stable basis during the month of July. Initial review of the images by radiologists and other ultrasound experts suggests that the images are beautifully diagnostic. We are excited that images are being viewed by the ITW team all over the world, including the radiologists and sonographers at ECUREI in Kampala, Uganda (4 hours from Nawanyago)! The ITW model implemented at Nawanyago health clinic has generated buzz in the local community, and the clinic has seen increased patient volumes because of this. One of the goals in fulfilling our mission to save lives, concordant with WHO Millennium Development Goal #5, is to increase the number of births with a skilled birth attendant (rather than home births) in rural areas. In the months prior to ITW’s implementation, Nawanyago averaged about one clinic childbirth per day, but in the last month, the nurse/midwives delivered 55 babies! This almost doubling of births at the health center is important, because even a breech delivery at home can have disastrous consequences, but with a skilled nurse midwife, the chances of problems are substantially diminished.

Sister Angela, who has been generating images using the ITW protocols and transmitting them to the web continues to become more efficient and she is passionate about the ITW project and its ability to improve healthcare in her community. It is the dedication of people like Sister Angela who are essential to the success of saving lives. Thank you Sister Angela!

--Andrea, Kristen and Brian

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