ITW Volunteer Receives ACR grant

Ginger Merry, a fourth year radiology resident at UCSF, is honored and grateful to receive the American College of Radiology Goldberg-Reeder Resident Travel Grant. This grant, which encourages international volunteer service among radiology residents, has helped Ginger travel to Uganda with Imaging the World. Ginger has been working closely with Dr. Kristen DeStigter and physicians in Uganda to develop a breast health care algorithm for rural Uganda which incorporates the breast ultrasound volume based protocols. Ginger and Kristen are currently in Uganda, along with Mary Streeter, and have had a successful start to the project.

Congratulations Ginger!

From Ginger: "I am grateful of the support from the American College of Radiology in pursuing my interests in global health care. I feel passionately that people across the world, no matter where they live, are entitled to adequate healthcare and the support of ACR is helping me be involved in a project that we hope will improve survival from breast cancer for women who live in rural Uganda."

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