ITW Team Members Say Thank You

Imaging the World is so fortunate to have incredible volunteers that travel with us each year. They dedicate their time and personal resources to help make this program possible. Please read a little about these amazing people. Kristen DeStigter I am so grateful to be inspired and blessed by all of the people in Uganda, from the rural health centre midwives and nurses who have committed their lives to the 24/7 service of patients to the community leaders and village health teams that dedicate their days to reaching the most vulnerable with education about our program, to the sonographers and radiologists in Uganda who contribute their expertise, to the government and facility administrators who give us continued support and the push to move forward. Kristen with a new born baby at Nawanyago Health Centre Most importantly, ITW would not be successful without the Imaging the World Africa team -Alphonsus, Collins, Picho, Allan, Renny, Angela, John and so many others. They are the threads that work so well together to make the fabric of this organization; they humble me with their hard work and dedication. kkdwithguys kkdwithalphonsus I am motivated and inspired by the USA team, especially Brian, Mary, Sarah, Jenna, Kate, Aida, Jim, Steve, Raquel, Joe, Eric, Meera, Sonia, Matt, Andre, Tony, Tony, Alan, Alan, and Allan, who have given so much of their lives and expertise to ITW. And the program advances with the support of the many, many volunteers, partners, and donors behind the scene. Lastly, I want to thank my children, my greatest blessing, Kaitlin, Maddy, Ben and Peter, who continue to encourage, inspire and and complete me. I would not be here without them. My children Madison, Ben and Peter have been to Uganda many times. kkdkidsolder

Mary Streeter I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Imaging the World team. I have traveled to Uganda 6 times in the past 2 and a half years working on both the obstetrical and breast projects. Every trip is rich with experience and I feel such gratitude for this opportunity. It can be challenging to step out of our busy lives to make this commitment and without the support of my family I would not be able to do this work. My husband Bob has been an amazing support along with my children; Kaitlin, Morgan and Jesse. My sisters and parents continue to encourage and support me on this journey. Thank you all for your incredible support, I love you very much! MaryinUganda


Sarah Comtois I am so grateful that I have been able to travel with ITW for so many years now. This is my 4th trip and each time I learn so much about global health and integrating imaging solutions in an under resourced areas. Not only have I gained this valuable experience, but I have learned about life, practicing gratitude and made incredible friendships. I would like to recognize Kristen DeStigter for giving me this opportunity, Mary Streeter for being a confidant and invaluable team member, my family and friends for the continued support and Fletcher Allen Health Care for which this life experience would have never been possible. sarahblog

Andre Cerny During my career in Information Technology I would have never guessed that my chosen vocation would have lead me to rural Uganda. Some fortunate turns of fate found me working at Fletcher Allen Health Care where I first heard about Imaging The World. The organization uses some of the same software and technologies that I have worked with in Canada, the USA and Australia. I'm hoping that my contributions to the technical know how and integrity of the organization will help to improve the great services provided to the people of Uganda. andreworking It has been wonderful to experience the wonders of Africa and Uganda but I certainly left my heart in Burlington, VT. I wouldn't have been able to make this trip without the support of my wife Gina who is home with our 15mo daughter Ella and our big black lab Kennedy. I know that she has her hands full and I am so grateful for her support. As beautiful as Uganda is I can't wait to get home to be with my family. andrefamily

Anjuli Cherukuri I’m excited to have been able to come with ITW to Uganda this early in my radiology residency. Seeing how the program runs in the villages is something that one can’t fully appreciate without seeing it first-hand. I also like that my hobby of drawing/painting has been able to help the organization. I hope to continue working with the program and return again.



Eli Morey It’s hard to express all the feelings I have about my first trip accompanying the Imaging the World team to Uganda. Thank you Kristen for all the mentoring you have provided over the time I’ve been involved in the outcomes data projects. eliwithmoses

Thanks Aly, for sharing your excitement about Uganda and for the travel tips! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for helping me go on this trip, I really appreciate your support. And a huge thank you to my wife, Sara, who has encouraged me in my efforts with Imaging the World and who has offered to take care of our three kids (including baby Ivy!) by herself while I am away for this week. This trip wouldn’t be possible without all of you! elifamily

George Zhang I come from a bioengineering background where I have worked on beta-amyloid imaging for Alzheimer’s disease, magnetic particle imaging, and computer model observers for digital breast tomosynthesis system evaluation. Throughout my research career, I have always been very interested in translational medicine and would like to see new advances in technology in the research lab effectively translated into the clinical setting. I was very fortunate to have met Dr. Brian Garra through my research position at the FDA. He helped introduce me to Imaging the World (ITW). Being involved in ITW has help immerse me into the real clinical setting of medical imaging. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to Uganda this March. It has been a transformative experience, where I become immersed in entirely different culture, formed new friendships, and actively made an immediate positive impact on the community. As a prospective medical school applicant, this trip has helped provide me with rich and rewarding experience, where I could not only witness but also address global health care disparities. I want to thank my family, friends, Dr. Garra, Dr. Destigter, and the entire ITW team for all the support they have given me. I would also like to thank all of the nurse midwives who are truly dedicated to improving the quality of care in Uganda. This trip would not have been a success without all of them. georgezblog

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