The ITW Team travels to Uganda to begin pilot project

The ITW team is in Uganda over the next two weeks to begin a pilot program for Rheumatic Heart Disease in pregnant patients. In addition, the team will be traveling to many of our clinics and visiting Bwindi Nursing School where Imaging the World has integrated ultrasound training into the nursing curriculum. This will be an exciting week, please stay tuned for more highlights and video blogs!

Dr. Joyce Naiga looks on as high school student, Naomi Burhans, practices the ultrasound scanning technique for rheumatic heart disease detection on a volunteer. Naomi is doing a global health summer enrichment program with ITW.

Dr. Naiim Ali, a second year radiology resident at the University of Vermont practices the echo protocol for rheumatic heart disease in rural Nawanyago, Uganda.

UVM College of Medicine student, Sarah Ebert, learns how to perform echocardiography for rheumatic heart disease in rural Uganda.

Pediatric Cardiologist, Craig Sable, has everyone's attention as he instructs Nurse Josephine in the rheumatic heart disease ultrasound protocol. RHD worsens in severity during pregnancy and may be a silent killer in rural Uganda.

Hakim Kasumba learns to perform cardiac echo as part of the rheumatic heart disease research program as Dr. Craig Sable and Sister Angela Njeri look on. The study will determine the prevalence of RHD in pregnant women - an often silent condition hypothesized to contribute to maternal and fetal mortality.

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