ITW holds Ultrasound Lab Program for teens

Imaging the World has developed a program that educates teenagers in Uganda about pregnancy, the risks of teen pregnancy, the importance of family planning and how ultrasound plays a important role in prenatal care by improving the outcomes for mothers and children. We also discuss how important it is that the men be more involved during the pregnancy, supporting antenatal visits for the mothers and attending the birth, something that has not traditionally occurred in Uganda.

Naomi Burhams (16) and Katarina Keating (17) from Vermont, William Moore (17) from Virginia and Sarah Ebert, a 4th year medical student at the University of Vermont, worked with Mary Streeter, Director or Education and Research for Imaging the World and Sister Angela Njeri, nurse midwife and one of ITW Africa’s lead sonographers, to deliver the program. Over 2 days 75 students from schools in the Kamuli district attended the program.

Photo below: Students watch as Sister Angela explains what they are seeing on the ultrasound of a volunteer pregnant woman from the village. The students learn that the ultrasound can assure a mother that she has a healthy pregnancy and detect if there are potential complications, such as twins, a breech presentation or placenta previa. She explains the importance of letting a woman know this at the time of the prenatal visit so they can come to the clinic to deliver and not at home.

Photo below: William, Katarina and Naomi present the US Lab, educating and empowering teens to make healthy choices.

Photo below: After the lecture the USA students hold a question and answer session with the Ugandan teens. The peer to peer education creates a safe, non-threatening environment and the Ugandan teens open up to share some of their concerns and struggles along with myths they have heard about contraception, pregnancy and ultrasound.

Over 2 days, seventy-five teenage girls and boys attended the Ultrasound Lab held at Nawanyago Health Centre III. An incredible success for all!

Featured - NOTITW Team