Imaging the World (ITW) is pleased to announce partnership with the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA)

This partnership will enhance key relationships in Uganda and help to expand our mutual local and global community. ITW and UNAA will collaborate to generate industry and government support for the work of ITW in Uganda. UNAA_LOGO_Classic-2“ITW is about creating sustainable solutions, and essential to our mission is generating local involvement and ownership that will allow our work to expand and continue,” said Jenna Khan, M.D., Chief Operations Officer. “The hope is that UNAA and its volunteer base will help expand our reach and positively impact sustainability of our projects in Uganda.”

Founded in 1988, UNAA is the largest and oldest association of Ugandans in the diaspora. Based in Chicago, UNAA is a private, member-owned community organization for Ugandans and friends in North America, with a particular emphasis on stimulating and encouraging nationwide acquaintance and fellowship among members in North America, Europe and Uganda. Its mission is to bring together Ugandans now living in North America and create a platform on which they can network, share, and experience Ugandan culture and the abundant opportunities of their new homes on the continent.

UNAA's annual convention is August 29th -31st in San Diego, CA and has been called the premier Ugandan networking event in the world, bringing together leading voices in business, Ugandan government, and the diaspora. For more information:

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