Imaging the World Africa selected by Grand Challenges Canada to recieve $100,000 grant for Breast Project

Grand Challenges Canada, which is funded by the Government of Canada, today announced 102 new grants of $100,000 each for bold new global health ideas. Of these, 59 grants went to innovators in 13 low- and middle-income nations worldwide to pursue bold new imaginative ideas to tackle health problems in resource-poor countries. Imaging The World Africa was selected among a global portfolio of 102 creative, out-of-the-box ideas, selected by independent peer review from 436 applications.

A grant to Imaging the World (ITW) and led by Ugandan Dr. Alphonsus Matovu, aims to bring Ultrasound training, technology and telemedicine to rural parts of low income countries, promising cost-effective, sustainable breast cancer detection and remote diagnosis and greater breast cancer awareness. ITW will train frontline health workers with limited knowledge of anatomy or pathology to generate ultrasound images using low-cost, low-power machines and send them via local cellular telephone networks to the Internet for remote expert interpretation. Findings and recommendations are sent back to the rural clinics as text messages or emails -- a model successfully developed and tested for obstetric ultrasound imaging in rural Uganda, with implementation at 11 different healthcare facilities.

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