Happy New Year from Imaging the World

This year the list of achievements is so long that I had to pick and choose to keep this from being an epic blog. ITW has had an incredible year, with innumerable victories and challenges. Before I begin listing, I’d like to say that it’s only through the tenacity of our volunteers, board and partners that we’ve gotten to this place, where we are poised to launch ITW solidly into the vision of the founding group of volunteers. Interest in ITW is high, and our list of volunteers becomes longer every day. I hope that, during 2011, we can find a way to engage all of the interest. Some of the biggest highlights of this year include:

  • Successfully launching the ITW proof-of-concept in Uganda via a team of 23 hardy volunteers. The first images of diagnostic quality were sent across continents from Uganda to the USA for review!
  • Exceeding our fundraising goals, raising over $500,000 in support from diverse sources. Many thanks to the Joseph Fineberg Foundation and sanofi-aventis for the generous contributions, and to many of you and your amazing friends and family who made personal donations. Thank you to Phillips Healthcare and Fletcher Allen Healthcare for the significant research support.
  • Receiving many (too many to list) in-kind donations, including equipment and/or professional support from GE Healthcare, McKesson, peerVue, Fletcher Allen Healthcare, ECUREI, Pegasus Lectures, Neugeboren O’Dowd, Berk & Associates, Latitude 47, PieMatrix, and Karrass Creative…
  • Successfully garnering support for ITW at every level in Uganda, from the Ministry of Health to the local health clinics, ultimately receiving Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) status in Uganda.

And, most importantly, for the first time, we have anecdotal evidence that ITW is making progress toward the World Health Organization's Millennium Development Goal #5, increasing the number of both antenatal visits and women who choose to birth at the Nawanyago health center (with skilled attendants) by 50%. ITW has scanned over 250 patients at Nawanyago, finding many problems that could have become fatal if not treated appropriately. We have arrived! We are saving lives.

-- Andrea

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