First training session at new Eastern training center

On Saturday April 23 2011, we conducted our first training session at our new Eastern training center hosted by new partner Montgomery College. Brian Garra and Gail Rouillard trained new member Erin Waks (Richardson) on how to do five different ITW scan protocols. We spent considerable time reviewing the existing posters and discussing possible modifications to the scan protocols to improve scan quality. The facilities are well appointed with new ultrasound equipment and roomy scan bays with plenty of other desk space to spread out on. In the photo Erin practices thyroid sweeps on Gail.

Also during the training session, Brian explored the features of the Terason

ultrasound machine that will be used in the upcoming image quality study beginning May 20th in Uganda. Brian also developed procedures to store the dicom image sweeps, and figured out how to install presets on the machines to make the Uganda study run more efficiently.

Since Erin has been to India and loves indian food, afterwards we enjoyed Indian food at Rasika in downtown DC as a reward for a good day of training.

-- Brian Garra and Gail Rouillard

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