First Day

Yesterday the remainder of the team arrived. Almost. Weather in New York held up sonographer, Erin, stateside for an additional day, while Brian, Gail, and Asha made it late Saturday night. The new arrivals stayed the night by the airport in Entebbe, meeting Alec and me (a volunteer photographer who took the pictures for the blog), for breakfast in Kampala. Over breakfast we talked with other members of the training team like Abraham (a midwife who runs a clinic in South Sudan and is hoping to become more familiar with ultrasound as his clinic just acquired a machine) and Edna, a nurse from western Uganda who will be helping with scanning at our new site in Bushyenyi. We set off from Kampala around midday but got held up in some nasty traffic, think LA rush hour with a major accident and roads from a small town that hadn't been worked on for about ten years, and you'll be close to the traffic jam leaving Kampala yesterday. Luckily, Collins and Allan were able to tap into their Jason Statham wheelman skills and still get the team to Kamuli around 4 pm. We were greeted by Dr Alphonsus, who despite clear exhaustion from many hours in the operating room, was very excited to see us again. It took only a short time to unload the equipment and before long, Brian was ready to begin scanning models to select for the Image Quality Study. A group of fresh faced nursing students were ready for model selection, and we moved quickly to get their heights, weights, consent, and initial ultrasound scans. Having been through this study and its nuances once before, we were able to move much more quickly, and despite arriving later than expected, we were able to stay on schedule. Back at the guest-house, we had a familiar dinner, matoke, g-nut sauce, greens, Irish potatoes, rice, and chicken. The guest house staff also seemed very happy to see us and I couldn't help but shower Gift, the young girl that lives there, with toys I had brought with me from the states.

After dinner we reconvened to finalize model selection, ensure all presets on the machines were correct and make plans for the next day before heading for some rest. All-in-all a successful day. Here's hoping tomorrow remains smooth!


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