Field Trip to Philips

Last week, Sue Blanchard (ITW Education) and I went to Philips in Bothell to send-off two CX50 ultrasound machines that Philips is providing to ITW for research support. Matt Rielly (Philips/ITW Outcomes Team Lead) and Roy Peterson (Philips/ITW Board Member), and Andrew Hatt (Philips General Manager), demonstrated the machines and discussed Philips’ enthusiasm for the work that Imaging the World is doing.

One of the CX50’s will be going to Kamuli Mission Hospital, the regional hospital that will treat patients that are referred to the hospital because of an ultrasound study acquired via ITW protocols, performed at a rural clinic. The other will be stationed at Mengo Hospital, a teaching hospital in the capital city of Kampala. The CX50s are very nice premium compact machines that will greatly improve the ultrasound technology situation in both of these locations. To prepare Uganda to receive these machines, Philips trained a representative from the Philip’s office in Kampala how to set up and service the machines. These ultrasound machines will aid the research project, helping definitive diagnosis reach patients in rural areas before conditions become emergent. We at ITW, are thankful for Philip’s tremendous research support and expertise in evolving ITW’s mission and vision, helping to save lives in Uganda!


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