Coming Along in Uganda

The last two days were frantic, long, but successful days of training. I think we really learned from our last running of this study, as the process has been quite a bit smoother than last year. Our 8 operators have had a steep learning curve, but have climbed it even faster than my optimistic expectation. We have a diverse group of trainees, coming from western Uganda, the north, Nawanyago, Kamuli, and even one from a clinic in south Sudan. Abraham, from Duk in south Sudan, left his limited time with his family to join us here in Kamuli. He is so incredibly excited about the prospect of bringing ultrasound to his clinic. After only a day and a half of training, we are confident that our operators are ready to begin the study. We are going to spend an hour or so refreshing their skills, but hope to begin before lunch! I will keep the blogosphere apprised of our progress! Sorry this is so short...time to work...will try and write more this evening. You will need to hear about Alec, Asha and my barefoot soccer game with the children in town!


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