Bwindi training

March 19, 2012

We have been in Bwindi, Uganda for several days now. The technical and clinical teams have been hard at work setting up the clinical sites and training the staff at the clinics how to perform the ITW ultrasound scan protocols. There are 8 trainees, 2 from each clinic and there are 4 clinical sites. Their enthusiasm and determination have helped to make the training sessions at Bwindi Community Hospital very successful.

It is amazing to see how quickly the trainees progress with the scanning. We have now begun to go to each clinical site to set up the technical aspect of the project and then the clinical team follows to help them establish a workflow and guide them through their first scanning on site. The communities seem very excited to have ITW arrives, as Sister Helen at Nyamwegabira told me, “our prayers have been answered”.

Currently we have completed all set up and training at Nyamwegabira, Byumba and Nyakatare. The technical team left Bwindi early this morning to drive to Bushenyi to set up and tomorrow the clinical team will head there to begin our training. The roll-out thus far has been so successful, aside from networking issues beyond our control, we hope our good fortune continues!!

-Mary Streeter
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