Breast Mass Protocol Introduced at Nawanyago!

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All of the ITW team from the US has arrived!

We spent the day with Sister Angela, a nurse mide-wife, at Nawanyago, a rural health center that ITW has been very successful with our OB protocol. The breast mass protocol was reviewed with Sister Angela and she will offer this service to the women in her village that have palpable masses in the future.

Two nurses from Kampala also joined us; they are the Breast Care Coordinators that will work with Sister Angela to coordinate the care for women with breast masses that need treatment. Together we came together to discuss our goals for diagnosis and treatment of breast disease and identify potential barriers to the access to care. It is very exciting to see these relationships evolve, knowing that development of this relationship is a key component to the success of this project when it goes live.

-Mary Streeter

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