Baby Clothes for Nawanyago

baby clothesBefore I left for Uganda, I was told a family friend about my trip with ITW. She was really interested and while I was watching her one-year-old twins we brainstormed ideas of what I could bring along to donate. I explained that I would be giving surveys to OB patients. My friend thought baby clothes would be the perfect thing for me to bring- and even better she had a box of clothes that her babies had out grown! As I folded the clothes and packaged them into zip lock bags according to style, I noticed that a majority of the clothes had safari animal patterns on them, which seemed especially fitting since I would be bringing them to a country that is home to these animals.

At the clinic in Nawanyago, I gave the clothes to Sister Angela. She was extremely grateful and explained that they were much needed by the new mothers. There were two mothers at the clinic who have given birth earlier in the morning, and she asked me to help her deliver a "sleeper" to each new baby. In the first room the mother lay in her bed, at first glance the baby was nowhere to be seen. Then Sister Angela gently uncovered a pile of blankets and a tiny face emerged. She helped the tired mother pull the animal patterned sleeper over the baby’s scrawny body. The baby drowned in the "oversized" cloth, but sister says this is good because he will grow into it.

-Anna Franceschetti

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