Arrival and a Visit to the Chemistry Store

Kristen, Ginger and I arrived in Uganda last Saturday. The goals of our trip are to introduce breast imaging to rural Uganda through ultrasound-guided biopsies, and work on creating a pathway for diagnosis and treatment. We began our day in Jinja with a visit to the local Chemistry Store in search of medical supplies to use at the Kamuli Mission Hospital to perform breast biopsies. We arrived with our list of needed supplies and the pharmacists were very helpful. We were able to gather most all of our supplies - quite inexpensively compared to USA prices. In the photo Kristen is explaining how a core biopsy needle works to the pharmacist. From here we journeyed to the clinic at Nawanyago to visit Sister Angela.

This is my first trip to Africa and I am amazed at the wonderful flavors of the food, the lushness of the land and the colorful people that appear to have a spirit that is full of strength, endurance, patience and joy.

--Mary Streeter

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