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IMAG0239(1)Today, Kristen, Dave Guy, and I had the opportunity to spend much of the day with Dr. Alfonsus Matovu, CEO & Medical Director of Kamuli Mission Hospital. We initially stopped at two pharmacies in Jinja to preliminarily assess the local availability of breast biopsy supplies should we need them in the future. We brought a list of standard biopsy supplies that we use in the United States. Then, with the help of Dr. Matovu, we were able to begin modification of our supply list based on local availability and current practice procedures. We then traveled to Kamuli Mission Hospital and received a warm welcome from Dr. Matovu and his medical staff. We had the opportunity to work with he and two of the sonographers at the hospital and began preliminary training for FNA and core biopsies. Everyone involved was very enthusiastic and eager to both teach and learn. Following training, Dr. Matovu was gracious enough to provide us with a walking tour of the hospital grounds. I found he and his medical staff at the hospital to be nothing short of inspirational. The work that they to do help the people in this region with exceedingly limited resources is admirable. ITW looks forward to continued collaboration with both Dr. Matovu and the wonderful people of Kamuli Mission Hospital.

-Chris Stark

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