A Day at Bwindi Community Hospital

The day started off with a long drive to the rural area of Bwindi, Uganda. Huge mountain ranges surround the setting. We started with a tour of the Bwindi Community Hospital. From the pediatric center to the operation room, we learned the distinctions and disparities between the hospitals and health care in the United States, and here in rural Uganda. I found it to be remarkable how well the doctors and midwives functioned with limited technology and equipment. However, we were also informed of the many complications that do occur in these rural health centers. Many of these complications rarely arise and are easily treatable in the United States and other developed countries.

One specific aspect of the hospital that I found to be extraordinary was that no matter the distance a patient travels to reach the hospital, they are always welcomed. No patient is ever turned away and all are given equal and quality care. Also, Bwindi Community Hospital is not only accessible for those living in the town of Bwindi, but those living in the surrounding towns and villages as well. I was truly amazed to see, first hand, the immense impact one small and rural health center can have on an entire community.

- Olivia Brewer ITW Enrichment Student

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