ITW Pilots an Outreach Program Geared Toward the Youth of Uganda

March 20, 2013 - Today Imaging the World presented their first “Ultrasound Lab.” 12 students, 6 girl and 6 boys, from a local Kamuli district school gathered at Nawanyago health center for Imaging the World’s first “Ultrasound Lab”. Imaging the World is working on developing a program to educate secondary school age children, ages 13-19, about adolescent pregnancy, related risks and the roll of ultrasound during pregnancy. The pilot program we ran had both a didactic lecture, that included a PowerPoint presentation on these topics, after which they observed an obstetrical ultrasound on a pregnant women from the village.

The program was interactive. The students were very engaged and asked many questions throughout both the didactic lecture and the ultrasound observation. We were very encouraged with their interest level in understanding more about the stages of pregnancy and why certain complications arise. They were so excited and interested in understand how an ultrasound works and how it can help reassure a mother that her baby is doing well, or that there are concerns that need to be addressed. Smiles light their faces and questions spilled out of them as they observed “Dr. Kristen” performing an obstetrical ultrasound and they could see a fetus on the ultrasound screen.

All students took pre and post quizzes so that we could understand what their knowledge base was prior to the program and measure how effective our teaching was.

On a personal note this was an amazing experience for me. The children are so eager to learn and understand something that is so fundamental to their existence. They want to learn for themselves and they want to learn so that they can share their knowledge with their schoolmates and families. Two students, a girl and boy, approached me after the lecture asking if they could get involved with the organization. They will be ITW school liaisons. As we develop additional educational material we will work with them to ensure that we are meeting the students were they are at and sharing information that is easily understood and useful to them.

Once again, I come here to share my knowledge but I am always humbled as I feel that I am the one learning so much …’s such a gift.

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