Community Outreach

In Fall 2011, a community outreach project took place at Magogo Kisadhaki Primary School in Nawanyago, in the Kamuli District of southeastern Uganda. Our team included the drama group from St. Joseph's Vocational Training Centre, Sister Angela from Nawanyago Health Center, and Monica from Kamuli Mission Hospital. The day started with a lot of rain - it followed us all the way from Kamuli and we were worried it would keep people from coming to the program the drama team had worked so hard to create. When we reached the center, to our dismay practically no one had come to see us, apart from the schoolchildren who peeped through the windows to see what was happening. Straight away the team unloaded tents, chairs and the sound system, setting them up while hoping that the rain would stop. By noon, everything was set. The drama team entered the village singing and dancing to some local tunes, hoping to attract people to the function. The news began to spread across the village and at 12:30, the children were invited to work with our counselor to come for a voluntary HIV/AIDS test and immunizations. The drama group did great job, communicating essential information in a very entertaining way. Sr. Monica explained the advantages of ultrasound machines in diagnosing general ailments, including those specific to pregnant mothers, and encouraged all to go for the services at Nawanyago Health Centre. Despite the rain, the day turned into a great success - 174 HIV/AIDS tests were handed out and 612 inoculations were given including de-worming, polio, DPT and measles. Special thanks goes to ITW, for the support they have given to this project - it is really making an impact in the rural community of Kamuli district. Last but not least, thanks to the young adults from the drama group at St. Joseph's Vocational Training Centre. Their good work is helping to improve the lives of the rural communities through music.

--Brother John Njuguna

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