Volunteer at medical clinics in Uganda through Medical Journeys


Volunteer opportunities are now available in Uganda through a new program sponsored by Imaging the World. Volunteers will work in health clinics where Imaging the World is also active, with opportunities open to premed students and medical students on rotation, as well as practicing and retired medical professionals.

More information about this initiative, called Medical Journeys, can be found at www.medicaljourneys.org.

Imaging the World is now active at over a dozen locations in Uganda and in its 10+ years it has brought many volunteers to work at African health clinics. We have seen first-hand the impact this experience has had on volunteers. Plus, we have seen the contribution volunteers can make at clinics.

Medical Journeys now formalizes this volunteer program so that it can be made available to more people. Following an application process, Medical Journey’s staff works with volunteers to select a placement that matches the volunteer’s goals. And once in-country, the staff of Imaging the World Africa will supervise and assist volunteers throughout their stay.

More information is found on the new Medical Journey’s Website.

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