Uganda Trip Report, July 2018


A report of some of the main activities during the recent visit of key Imaging the World team members to Uganda.

July 17, 2018

Mary Streeter, Quality Officer for Imaging the World, provided a Continued Professional Development course on Healthcare Quality to the sonographers at Bwindi Community Hospital.

ITW Africa is launching a new software program that will track outcomes of obstetrical scans performed at their rural health centers. Working with sonographers at BCH we reviewed current record keeping and determined what additional data they could be tracking in an effort to create standardized reporting of ultrasound results and outcomes. Standardized reporting creates consistent data reporting which is needed to show the growth and impact of ultrasound scans during pregnancy.

July 23, 2018 GULU

Imaging the World visited three clinical sites in the GULU district where our obstetrical ultrasound program is being integrated into their antenatal and postnatal care.

Over the past six months two nurse midwives from each clinic, PABBO, OPIT and AMURU Health Centre III facilities in the District of GULU in northern Uganda have been receiving ultrasound training through Imaging the World’s training program.

Initial training included fundamentals of ultrasound scanning, obstetrical and gynecologic scanning. During our team visit in late July the ITW Quality training course was given to all nurse trainees along with individual competency assessment for obstetrical scanning.

Integration in clinical practice

A key component to the ITW ultrasound program is the training step that demonstrates how to integrate ultrasound into clinical practice. Once a nurse or midwife has mastered scanning skills, successful implementation into their antenatal clinic workflow is essential. Part of the visit in July was spent on room setup, IT workflow, record keeping and documentation.

July 28, 2018

The Imaging the World team visitors from the Warm Hearts organization in Michigan traveled to Nyamwegabira for a site visit.

ITW-trained sonongraphers in Nyawengabira have been successfully providing ultrasound scans as part of their antenatal care since 2013. Today they were introduced to a new reporting system that will allow them how to enter patient information, scan results, and outcomes into a program that is tablet-based and does not need internet connectivity for the data collection. This secure data collection and reporting system will standardize the way ITW tracks quality outcomes at all ITW Africa Health Centres.


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