Peer Review System Assists with Quality Control

Mary Streeter.jpg

As part of our quality program, Imaging the World has created a Peer Review system embracing the peer learning model.

Within the ITW Quality Catalysts program, advanced ITW Africa sonographers in Uganda are able to remotely proctor and peer review ultrasound studies to ensure high quality images are being generated and accurate reporting of ultrasound results are made. This allows mentorship of newly trained ITW sonographers (proctoring) and ongoing Peer Review (Peer Learning), ensuring that ITW continues to sustain the highest level of accuracy in ultrasound imaging services.

Mary Streeter, ITW Quality Officer, delivered Peer Learning training to six ITWA Quality Catalysts in Kampala, Uganda in July, launching a new software program that will allow them to report feedback to both trainees and sonographers in remote villages. Not only does this allow timely transfer of information to ensure quality and safety for our patients, we will also be able to track training and patient outcomes.