2010 Uganda Project


In June 2010, ITW will implement three sites in rural Uganda. With local partner and government cooperation, these sites will help save thousands of lives.

ITW chose Uganda because of the great need in this region.

• The World Health Report in the year 2000 ranked Uganda’s health profile 186th out of 191 countries worldwide • 75% of life years are lost to preventable diseases, such as perinatal and maternal conditions (20.4%) • Only 47% of deliveries are attended by skilled health care personnel • More than 60% of maternal deaths take place during delivery or in the immediate post-partum period. Ultrasound diagnosis can give early warning of possible complications

Health workers in three rural Health Centers in the Kamuli District, will be trained to do ultrasound scanning using the ITW methodology and protocols. Patients coming to the center will be clinically assessed and the health worker will make the choice to perform an ultrasound scan if necessary. The scan will be sent via cell phone uplink to a server and images will be reviewed by radiology professionals within ITW network. Within 2 to 48 hrs, depending on how critical the condition is, the health worker will receive a health care recommendation via cell phone text message. The patient will assess the need to travel to the nearest hospital for further diagnosis and treatment.

If you are interested in supporting this project, please visit our donation page, or call 206.200.7560.

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