An Incredible Day

Today began with Dr. Alphonsus at Kamuli Mission Hospital. He took us on his morning rounds where we were able to see a variety of patients and diagnoses. For me this was a powerful experience; not only do I have a deep appreciation for the challenges that exist in the Uganda healthcare system, I am also impressed with the skills that Alphonsus has as a physician and his level of compassion and patience. After rounds we did some training on performing ultrasound guided breast biopsies. Just to give you an idea of how great this need is, we arrived at Nawanyago the day before to train Sister Angela. Four women from local villages came because they had heard word that we were going to doing ITW breast scans. One of these women had a suspicious lesion and she was able to get transportation to Kamuli the next morning so that Kristen and Dr. Alphonsus could perform an ultrasound guided breast biopsy. By doing these we are able to work through the steps and equipment needed to create a pathway for this process. People are overwhelmingly appreciative of the opportunity.

Later in the afternoon we went back to Nawanyago for the antenatal clinic. Monika, one of the sonographers from Kumuli Mission Hospital, was performing routine obstetric ultrasounds followed by Sister Angela performing the ITW protocol. Sixteen women received ultrasounds! Five woman delivered babies today at the clinic also. All of these women had received the ITW obstetric scans and all had successful deliveries at the clinic. I had the extreme honor of being there with Sister Angela for one of the deliveries. Kristen termed this the “miracle delivery” because the baby had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and was blue and floppy. The nurse midwives quickly cut the cord, however the baby needed some reviving and Sister Angela performed a miraculous resuscitation. This baby was “hungry to eat” Sister said, by the time we left for the day. Aside from this miraculous event, four other women arrived today to have breast ultrasounds. “If you build it, they will come” fits the situation here! Our day ended with an after dark trip from Nawanyago to Kamuli...night travels by car in Uganda are not for the weak at heart and I am glad Picho has such refined driving skills, because we all arrived back in Kamuli safely! This was an incredible day! I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

-- Mary Streeter

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